About hank.


haŋk/ noun 1. a coil or skein of wool, hair, or other material. Australian designed (hand)made vintage inspired knits for your small people.


hank started as a one man band - me, Penelope.

I made all hank pieces by hand - either on my needles or using my flatbed knitting machine with each piece taking hours to construct.
As demand grew, I struggled to keep up and knew i needed to outsource in order to keep on going.

Outsourcing was a major step and I knew I didn't want to sacrifice on quality or lose the ethos behind why i started hank in the first place.  
I’m really passionate about heirloom quality, slow, sustainable and accountable fashion that will stand the test of time.

Hank is about creating heirloom pieces that can be treasured and handed down from one generation to the next.

Each hank piece is knit using sustainable fibres in gender neutral colours - I like keeping a neutral palate and playing with loads of texture.


Hank now has two offerings:

READY MADE pieces - these are my own designs which have been lovingly hand constructed by a group of incredibly talented knitters in Peru. 
By outsourcing my production, I am providing employment to women which not only provides them with more skills, but also means their children are able to stay in school to receive necessary eduction due to the lack of financial burden on the family.

I am extremely proud of these hand made pieces, they have been made with love and are "ready to ship" in my online store. 

CUSTOM MADE requests - these can be made by emailing me at hello@hankknitwear.com

When you shop from hank, you are supporting my small family- and you are helping me to keep on creating.


xx Penelope